This is awesome. I am socially awkward — practising on talking to strangers more though — they are treasure troves of wisdom!

You might enjoy this short intro clip about Brules — stands for bullshit rules. We have so many of them imposed on us from society, culture, parents, schools, life everywhere! Reading your words made me think you are breaking the Brules of your culturescape.

I know I follow some of them myself in my own world, but now I am aware I am doing it to be socially polite to save energy and avoid consequences sometimes…not all the time though! ;)

I have lived with my partner for 20 years — unmarried (much to my mother’s horror) and have 2 young daughters who share their father’s name… I don’t prescribe to religion but am spiritual. I try my best not to judge and accept everyone for who they are. I try to stay on the edge of drama and gossip during conversations and get a lot of blank stares when I do speak, but now I just stay amused and giggle at myself….like a socially awkward weirdo!

Thanks for being you.

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