Thought provoking piece.

I am still working through my own ideas, but at this point I more closely align with theory five – about the multiverse.

The main reason behind this is due to a quantum jumping exercise I did. Where I travelled (via a deep delta state) to an alternative reality where I was living as the vision I am working towards. This “version” of me offered advice on how to get to the same place.

The whole thing is still sitting in a part of my thoughts were excitement and fear are playing games with the I’m not good enough line. Working through it. Step by Step.

But yeah, it was more like an energy I felt leading me to the meditation in the first place. Infinite energy that is continuous and never ending like our cosmos.

I heard once that we are like a drop in the ocean – our “wave”/ our life crashing on the shore and then returning to the “wholeness” of the ocean after.

I took this as there being once source energy – unsure what that actually is, but each of a like a wave of this living out an infinite form of incarnation that returns to the whole when we leave the physical realm.

Wow, ok I never thought I would put that into words…and then freely share them here. But they you go.

Your words inspire me to put my thoughts into words. I thank you for sparking the process for me.

Thank you as always for being you.

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