Tis what I try to do too… the bycotting.

Coke, Maccas,… – who I still can’t get passed them putting the condition on Ronald McDonald houses at children’s Hospitals for there to be mcdonalds restaurants on site… at a hospital… wtf?! IKEA and bottled water (not only for the plastics… I understand it can become necessary at times when traveling but still gotta be better ways…) but esp when sourced from places where locals don’t even have access to clean water… ah the list goes on!

Amazon is a toughie… they own so much… I watched this interesting clip recently as I was trying to figure out how to avoid them self publishing some kids books…

He makes some interesting points but I am still getting my head around it.

Even when I think I have a loophole with an option… it seems to connect back to them in someway. They control and own so much I didn’t even know about.

Still searching and attempting to think outside of the box… time will tell! Lots of online places for free e-book versions, offering on my own site with an option to download for free or donate …if printed copy was desired then link to a POD coy etc

But then there is a tugging too.

The illustrator I am collaborating with is a 16 year old Brazilian girl… would love to give her art an opportunity of a broader stage to help set her career up… ah the balancing line of ethics, options and unknowns!!

Just gotta keep believing we will find the way that is both buddha and badass like! Hahah.

There I go again… rambling about me.

K… thanks again for sparking more trambles from me along rant road…and gifting the space to do it.

Thanks for being you.

Energy Seeker | Life Learner | Parent in Training | amymarley.com

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