Thank you for sharing your perspective here.

I have been remiss in deeper thought on the live version. I have not looked into further than hearing my girls talk about it.

Your words here offer food for thought.

Mulan is a favourite of mine, and one I enjoyed sharing with my daughters. In a sea of princesses, Mulan was my go to, to show them the strength of a female.

My eldest daughter Billie is very "girly". Very contrasted to who I am. I was delighted when she wanted to dress up as Mulan for book week when she was in Kindy - I had visions of her being in the "fighting" gear - but alas, she had visions of the dress. Which I have now become to realise is still a symbol of strength.

Thanks as always for being you.

Billie dressed up as Mulan with her best mate J in kindy — photo taken by my mother in law

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