Us humans are amusing.

The green halo's were massive in your eyes, but I rarely notice them! Only remembered what they were when you highlighted them here.

I can so relate to what you have written about here though.

I am putting off designing and self publishing some children's allergy books. I even wrote a big article last month proclaiming I was starting - took an inventory of all the things I do have... and yet... all I have done is folded 9 pieces of paper in half and written a title on them, cut out the words to play around with on the pages and played around with some character stances... mmmm

I keep going back to a recent meeting in the principals office, talking about my child's epi-pens and almost crying.

My brain obviously keeping me safe - if I don't have a book to present in front of kids - I can't cry in front of them either while talking about!

I even know what is stopping me... damn you human-ess!

Thank you, as always for being you - green lines or no green lines I really love reading your words.

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