Very interesting. I heard a psychologist say once that ADHD was like having a racing car engine with no brakes.

Once you found the tools to help "brake" the high performance engine, they could use their brain to do some amazing things.

I really like this way of "labeling".

Disorders, phobias, refusals all sound very "negative". Like they need to be 'fixed'.

I am far from an expert, but the power of words comes to mind.

A positive panda approach. - Like I have this super power, I just need the tools to learn how to train it. There is nothing wrong with me... I am this way for a reason, I just need to find out why and get help with learning how to handle it.

Maybe an overhaul on their names might also make parents more willing to seek help?

Just a thought.

Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

Thanks for being you.

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