Very interesting. I have only had a full nights sleep once since becoming a parent. I would be interested for sure in maximising the time I did have available to get the restorative sleep I require.

I still rest and using meditation techniques sure do help with the energy side of things.

I am in two minds though – my first thought was probably similar to those saying not to mess with nature. I am trying to take a more balanced view on things though – and this could be useful for many things.

The duality of everything – my fear would be the “race” continues to build. I am unsure what we are all racing for to be honest. More and more and more? More what?

I love the idea of more time for resetting, time for growing our hobbies, time for growing our own food, time for understanding where each of us is heading, reflection on how we are contributing to the growth of the world…I don’t like the idea for more and more products and things that detract from the balance of our environment . Consumerism and the rat race becoming ratter…no thanks! Just my 2 cents on it though.

Thank you for sharing this information. It truly has triggered many thoughts, and a space for reflection.

Thanks for being you.

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