We need the sun!! Are other animals suddenly getting skin cancer.. no?!

They understand when to be in the sun.

No- we shouldn’t be out in the peak UV rays for extended periods of time… burning to a red crisp but we need vitamin D people!!

It comes from the sun.

Just like all living things, including the plants, we need the light exposure!!

Everything is connected… our health needs quality fuel… wish includes fresh air and sun light!

If we can’t eat it- aka no way I would eat sunscreen!!- we shouldn’t be slathering it on our skin.

Saying that, if I ever need to be in the peak sun for long, I do wear long sleeves and a hat… if need be a small slathering of sun cream but it is rare.

I met a guide in Thailand once – he said to me. We never get skin cancer, we don’t wear sunscreen either – – wanna know why he said. Told me cause they eat properly! Well said it all!

Brilliant points you have shared. Thank you!! Love connecting with you… the responses leave me with a boost to the box of hope!

As to my whereabouts – -kids were on school holidays and then been a bit distracted with getting my little mate Pete the Peanut out into the world…. Getting closer!

Thanks again and always for being you.

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