Well said!

Reading your words concreted a thought for me, so, thank you.

We all have our moments, we are all imperfect, we all make mistakes- even the famous! Surprise surprise!

Gender, race, upbringing, fame, salary, job titles none of it matters. We are all just trying to do our best.

Imagine the energy we could use in supporting and uplifting each other instead of focusing it on judging the minor dramas of the famous being human.

The understanding you mentioned, I believe would have a flow on affect for all of us.

We would be given more space to accept that mistakes are a given. We would be empowered to try because we would feel like we are enough no matter the outcome. Win-win.

Cheers for being you.

Energy Seeker | Life-learner | Kid-ifying knowledge and wisdom for humans of all ages | amymarley.com | bbntills.com | Volunteer Editor @ wallobooks.org

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