A poem I wrote for my daughters — inspired by none other than Dr Seuss

What was, what was, will not be again

It happened before, in the past my friend

What if, what if, may never be

It’s a made-up occurrence we are unlikely to see

What is, what is, is the place to be

Its here, it's happening now to you and me

What is, is bliss, what-is is freeing

It's a way to show up as a human being

What is, is where I am standing now

What-is is living, what-is is real…wow!

Sometimes it is nice to visit what was

To remember, smile, reflect and pause

And please have a small thought for what-ifs

They may save you from walking straight off cliffs

What was-es and what-ifs are all in our mind

And can make us miss what is from time to time

The place you’ll feel most calm is when you live what is

It will keep you away from anxious fuzzy mind biz

Releasing more energy to focus

On the present of presence gifted to us

So take a deep breath and live your day

fill it with the what-is-es you choose to play

Energy Seeker | Life Learner | Parent in Training | amymarley.com

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