What? There are fines for that?! I am so clueless. Well, I should have known - a neighbour of ours instigated a dot being put on our stereo when we were in our early 20's - to ensure we were aware of the acceptable volume it was allowed to be turned up...also I was only permitted to play my drums during the weekday hours of 11 am to 1 pm - when I was at work.

Ok now in my 40's I get I was a horrible neighbour - but he could only hear us when he stood at the end of his driveway in between the traffic and we hardly ever went late ahaha...

I do have patience though when the youngin's in our community have their music up or practice their instruments. Good on em. They are respectful and finish up a reasonable time so...

A pic for you of the cops that came out one day to "tone us down".

My bunch of beloved yobbo mates with the local coppers— picture taken by me.

They ended up playing a game of front yard cricket with us.

Thanks for keeping it real.

Wonder how the feelings are a few months on?!

Thanks as always for being you.



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