When Your Lists on Medium Disappear

Have no fear… start again you cheer! Maybe you do…eventually.

Amy Marley
2 min readFeb 4, 2022


Screenshot my own — the emptiness that welcomed me today…eeeeek!

I logged in today
To enjoy a catch-up sort of day

The girls back at school, it’s been a long time coming
My eyes have been summer slumming

A little time before my own schooling starts
A precious commodity to consume the arts

Responses and articles filled lists to the brim
Heart and mind aching for the reading to begin

There was nothing I was willing to miss
Oh the beautiful gift of bulging lists

NOW… what to do
They are all gone without a clue

What the f*&^( happened
The lists were my guide, my map and…

Well — there’s nothing left for it
But to dive blindly into the hole for rabbits

Since I calmed myself down
Through this rhyming clown around

The wandering now begins
Through these golden walled Medium shenanigans

Eeek…. I logged in today to find all my lists and notifications had been wiped…wiped clean… like I was on Medium for the first time.

I checked my phone app — same thing.

Refreshed the computer — same thing.

W H A T___H A P P E N E D ?!

Grateful to know that the words are all still there to find… just have to freeball it for a bit. Exciting I guess in some ways.

It comes with a timely reminder to do the backup thing me thinks!

Left wondering though — anyone else run into this issue of late…or ever?!

Might hold off on using these lists for a bit…seem a bit glitchy…or is that just for this twitchy account holder?

Ok — well no more delay — off to explore worlds through I say! Hooray!

Thanks for reading

Thanks for being you

PS — Does anyone know what has happened to Terry Mansfield? Hopeful this is a computer glitch too… I can’t find his profile anywhere…