While I am not anti-vaccine I am pro choice. I am also a firm believer in more transparent studies and safer vaccines.

There are too many books written, including by doctors as well as legal cases to say with 100% confidence that vaccines have not caused harm to children.

Now I am not concluding vaccines caused harm to my daughter, but I do believe they were one of the contributing factors to the severity of her allergies.

After receiving shots, her mild reactions to some allergens worsened to the level of anaphylaxis. Yes her allergies were already in existence, but it was only post vaccinations she had her first anaphylactic reaction. I do know there were other factors at play, but since there are vaccines that have the virus borne in egg proteins or nut proteins…and having a immune system stimulation with these, I can’t help but wonder if they are linked.

It may be that I am just not “qualified” enough past being a mother to comment, but I have not heard sufficient evidence to calm my doubts. I have received abuse for my decision not to give her any more vaccines until we learn more about her allergens. Threats even. Some doctors are supportive, others not. The ones that are not, the best they can give me is “she should be ok”. This comment is not reassuring, especially when they can’t even tell me what the ingredients of the vaccine are.

In my case, because of the “she should be ok” mentality, if vaccines were enforced to attend school, I believe my daughter would be left on the outskirts of the believers vs non-believers… and the judgement and ostracism that may occur. If the only option left is to home school, then so be it, but I feel being forced into this is an unfair consequence.

Thanks for giving me space to have a vent… I appreciate it. As I would appreciate any comments/advice that would give me more clarity and understanding of my thoughts.

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