While I’m not vegatarian – I mainly eat vegetarian meals and I can see your point.

Your words remind me of a very similar conversation I had with my partner when the meat substitute products started showing up on the supermarket shelves. Why would vegetarians want to eat something that was like meat? We came to a similar conclusion it was for those meat-eaters trying to eat more plant based meals.

I truly hope that veggie burger doesn’t completely disappear too.

My eldest daughter is 5, but she has revolted at the sight, smell, and texture of red meat since she stated eating. She does however indulge in raw fish (sashimi) and I haven’t made the connection obvious to her that it is an animal – I have dropped hints though.

From a vegetarians POV is that bad?

Adding to her meat aversions is that she has anaphylaxis to eggs and nuts- making her diet rather exclusive.

We try our best to introduce her to new vego meals we make at home.

Eating out without taking her own food at the moment is a dream, but I truly hope that all of us, have a space to indulge in the food we prefer, in our own homes, but also amongst friends in dining experiences, without judgement.

Cheers heaps for being you and sharing your words, they help me connect dots in my own little world!

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