With humour and honesty.

When asked what he knew about their company values he said,

I know engines. Put one in front of me and I will fix it. I prefer to focus on the job at hand and not drain my energy on someone else’s values. You need a mechanic. I am a mechanic.

Do you know about my values he asked?

When they said no, he mimicked them and wrote notes like they had.

When asked what he was doing he said,

Oh don’t be deceived, this interview isn’t just about you seeing if I “fit” your checks it is also about me seeing if you “fit” mine.

They really didn’t know how to take him.

I don’t believe he was being disrespectful or rude, just speaking his truth and not the expected and accepted.

If that makes sense?!

Apologies if that was a rhetorical question!

Thanks as always for being you.

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