Wow. Extremely powerful piece you gift here.

The emotions attached the “N” word adding an infinite level of impact.

Smashing the layers to the core of it all.

Empathy shining through each and every facet.

The stories of connection the gold rippling throughout the world.

Unrestrained by borders and time.

Your strength as a child flowing and growing still.

Your family’s heritage glowing in the words representing the person we “see” and know.

Thank you for putting into words the stories that need to be shared. As painful as they all are, they need to be told.

Growing empathy and compassion. Building them to break down the filters and grow the love of “One”.

Amazing. You are amazing. The way you write to make us all think and “see”…. amazing. As always.

Thank you for being you.

I hesitated to share, but in the spirit of building on the stories I share a faint dot of connection….

My mother’s family immigrated from Sicily to Australia early 1900’s. The language lost by my mother’s generation in a plight to fit in better and reduce the abuse, so to speak.

My aunt told me of the canings on the hands she would receive at school for having dirt under her finger nails. Dirt ingrained almost permanently from working in the market gardens before and after school. Canings on the back of the legs if they were heard uttering any words in Italian.

What is when beliefs are grown from the view there is only one right (superior) way to be and live.

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