Writing is healing for me too.

There was a process I did to sort out my visions for the life I want. Still very early days but it was basically a deep dive into 12 categories of life.

You think about your beliefs, premise, vision and strategy for each category.. it all leads to a single life vision.

You then start trying to “install” daily habits to take small steps towards your vision. One category is health and fitness…. It’s important because health gives you energy and clarity for the other categories. What is your vision.. why do you want it, what are you willing to do for it.

Maybe to start with it is just replacing coke with water… then when you nail that, the next is to take more steps in a day, or watch a free exercise session on YouTube…for free. It is designed for you.. not any one else’s ideas on what “health/success” is. Yours. The choice is yours.

K yep I am not trying to sell you anything here.. just shining on a process that helped me.

There are tonnes of different versions of this process. The one I used was called LifeBook with Jon and Missy Butcher via Mindvalley.. but yeah as said lots of similar ones out there… The code of the extraordinary mind written by Vishen Lakihani was an amazing read too.

K yep I stop with the possibilities… your path will unfold as you need it to. Asking the question who am I? Is a damn good place to start.

I wish you all the best in making your dreams come true.

Thanks for being you.