Yes. For so long I was being unknowingly led by my 5 year perceptions of the world.

When I shared my findings with my family they took it as me seeking blame. Which was not my intention. It was only to highlight how we hold on to an immature perception for too long. Alas they are not ready to hear or search within.

Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformation Therapy was started illuminating where my limiting beliefs cropped up. I was uncertain hypnosis online would work but I was amazed how the burning moments in my childhood popped into mind.

I could apply a new meaning to these scenes/pictures and clear the limiting beliefs. Some I could understand from an intellectual point of view but they took time to clear.

It was an incredibly powerful experience. I will delve in again when the time is right.

Thanks for shining a light on the power of our inner voices. Looking forward to reading more of your insights on the subject.

Thanks for being you.

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