Yes! I agree a sure sign of a fine dining experience.

Another one I could add is the quick attentive response of wait staff. Once I dropped a fork – no idea which one it was…I still use the rule to start from the left and work my way in if there is more than one set of cutlery– before I had a chance to pick it up, one of the dining room staff had already swiftly picked it up and replaced it with a new one of the correct sort.

Initially I felt uncomfortable I was being watched so carefully. The food was delicious though, so I forgot all about it as soon as the first bite reached my taste buds… Spaghetti con Vongole, still one of my favs.

Thanks for giving me the name of the scraper thingy… if my partner and I ever get the chance for fine dining again (hasn’t happened post kids!) I’ll be sure to drop it into the convo!

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