Yes, I believe we can. We need to — for all the reasons you voice.

I qualified as an accountant, worked in development, deliverance, support and training of accounting software over 20 years.

I always felt there were a couple of important reports that were lacking — contribution to society, impact on the environment, purpose/fulfilment of all those involved with the company processes. It isn’t the full answer, but to me it leads to more clarity of the energy of the money.

The energy of money. It is not just a physical amount on a report though. It is more than that.

Money is energy itself.

The energy from giving and receiving.

The value of that transaction.

Like with the duality of everything — there is happy money and there is unhappy money — Ask Ken Honda about it! Money is energy. It is in abundance. It doesn’t need to be hoarded, used to control and fear and bread a false sense of scarcity. It needs tobe in flow. Given with joy, received with joy.

The value of a person, business or money itself should not just be determined by an actual figure, net worth, returns on investment, statements of wealth, material items, job titles, status… definitions which themselves are subjective— decided by society, teachers, governments, boards of directors, HR consultants, insurance companies etc that many never see the whole picture, let alone walked in the shoes of others…sometimes even listened properly to those that do.

Our checkbox ticking/cover your arse type insurance, standardisation, education, business, benchmarking, government systems all need to be reviewed and improved.

Not just national wide, but globally. As a global community.

If we truly are united…then so be it.

Some will say competition is needed…is it? Is it really. Who are we competing against? Ourselves? Humankind..nature? Who? What is the race? What is the reward? What does being in control really mean?. What does success mean… what does any of it mean if our environment is overstressed, its people are overstressed and in physical and mental demise, our leaders lead through fear and control, money is king and nature (including humans and animals) are raped for profit, status, perceived happiness?

This battle has been going on for centuries — with/without. have/have-nots… when we will be in balance? Harmonise and align.

I know I am ranting…and not even making a clear point…but from the mess sometimes comes answers. I know we don’t all operate this way, but in my time I have seen many that do.

I usually try to be the positive panda…but some days it all just feels too much…. it's easy to spiral. To give up. The mountain is too high.

So…. I will end with an attempt to spiral out…consciousness is spreading…I see it in the words I read…I see it how more people are living… I feel it is coming. We have the answers, we have the people that can deliver the solutions, we can each do our part. We can make a difference. It may just not be in my lifetime… My hope is that it comes in time to save us all.

Again…with my plug for anyone that hasn’t seen it…

Thanks, as always Desiree for sharing your voice — I apologies for my rant, I know I went a bit sideways there to the point…but I thank you for giving me space to have it.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for being one of action — action for the change our world needs.

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