Yes! I despise bras.

I am challenged however with rather large boobs that are even bigger post kids. And now also saggy post kids. Hey I am grateful for my body and all, but this post has given me the space to have a rant…so thanks heaps Remington for giving me that opportunity…I truly appreciate it!

Here goes…rant road starts…NOW….

I struggle to find clothes that fit me properly.

I am not the usual size that clothes makers assume would have natural large boobs. I am an 14 F in the breasts and a size 10 elsewhere – Australian sizing.

Bras without wires are my preference these days… the wires just keep sticking into me all which way so I just refuse to wear them any longer than I have to, I am seriously thinking wires in bras are possible contributing causes of breast cancer too BUT

I love swimming. I love walking..I love jumping on the trampoline with my kids (kids who by the way use my bras as hats on their heads..the hats that have the ear warmer parts!)

I don’t like bras. But I also can’t really do all the things I love without some support.

Bathers seem like they are designed at that size to be “seen” and not used. So I end up swimming in board shorts and a t-shirt and bra.

…even with the “Properly Fitted” stuff it is crazy uncomfortable, can make it look like I have one single large boob across my chest and so out of touch with how I want to live.

I have spent so much money on bras in search of perfect one. I came close.. but after a few months they were no longer in business. Hahah. The universe is funny.

Getting a boob job did come to mind, but I have this belief that the body I have been given is the body I am meant to have… and any challenges it gives me are mine to work out for a reason.


I have started to think I need to seek a designer to make me a line of boob supportive wear that is wire free and comfy….any takers still reading that are interested?

Thanks again Remington…I really want to join you in the I won’t wear a bra stance but feel like I need an alternative solution for the containment of my boobies for the active parts of my life!

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