Yes! I trained as an accountant and then into supporting and training cashflow forecasting software.

For the most there was a balance between the knowns and unknowns with any forecasting activity as well as life with technology! It is so true that open dialogue between all stakeholders, especially the customers, is the key.

I later moved into software development. At first I stayed with an open mind between the known and unknown.

When I became a mother for the first time and started working remotely this balance became blurred. It was like my capacity to keep a balanced mind was limited. In hindsight it is highly likely there was an energy deficient at play as well as a disconnection from all the stakeholders.

It came to a point where the accountant side of me, who wanted everything to balance, could no longer handle the infinite possibilities of testing and software development.

Working remotely didn’t help either. It was like one of my limbs was missing as I no longer had the same connections to the heart of the process – customers (and the rest of the team was a mixed bag of soapbox communication and rare interstate visits).

I believe this had to do with my ultimate hasty exit. It is only with time that I understand what happened and how I unknowingly let it happen.

As my daughters have grown, that the lust for the unknown has come back.. along with some energy to explore. Happy days!

Thanks for sharing your words. They gave me the space to review my own experience and build on my understanding.

Thanks for being you.

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