YES!! Love it. Nature sure is beautiful - no enhancements needed what so ever...

I have ideas... drawing in sand, creating with leaves, flowers, making shapes from clouds, rocks, tree branches... the list could go on.

A few pics of my “leaf” art.. .

You know what else?! There is an artist who is attempting to release a skillshare course on this exact thing - getting families out into nature to create...

She has been a little pre-occupied with an animal design course of late, but around half way down her instagram page... there is some golden fun like this :

As my 100 days of play nears the end... the thought of creating 30 more days makes me thinks.. I'll need some creative space for a while to reset and just "be" in nature with the girls over the summer holidays - ..before the "do-ing" comes back ;)

Thanks again and always - for being you.

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