Yes this is the same very clever and wise advice I got from my mother too.

This is the way I usually try to persuade little miss 3 (Matilda) but it is very rare for her to sway.

She walks her own beat and will do the opposite most of the time… I am not sure if it intentional or just her being her.

My mum, who survived bringing up four of us buggars, is amazed when she witnesses Matilda’s independence and all of her attempts fail at any form of compliance.

She leaves me stumped many times.

There will be nights she will put herself to bed and refuse the usual hug/kiss because she doesn’t need anyone…then other nights I get the biggest caring hug, face touch and kiss on my forehead of all places and a request to snuggle for a bit.

I giggle at what may be coming when school starts. Will be interesting.

Love her to bits- she sure does bring me many opportunities and challenges to dig deep.

Thanks so much again for your advice and being you.

This is a pic of little miss using some dental floss she found at grandmas to string coloured noodles on. She had stashed the floss in her pocket from her last visit to grandmas house and it smells way better than the wool I offered her apparently.

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