Yes!!!!! Why is a decent bra so elusive.

I so share your pain! I am currently holding my E cups in a bra that makes me look like I have one long boob… but going for comfort too these days. Or should I say comfier than wires.

I recently fell for these cup thingys, no straps or backs…I even watch them get tested by someone on youtube. Reviews looked good so I thought yep. Will give em a go.

Wtf?! As soon as I felt the sticky backing I said no fucking way!!

Soooo if you ever feel the urge to attempt to design a bra yourself, I would be happy to join forces. Bathers would be awesome to include too… ones that you can actually swim in without having a boob fall out when you are in the ocean with waves!!

Thank you for writing this… I am now unhooked… but expecting visitors so ready to re-hook ahhhhh!

Thanks for being you.

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