You have reached me.

This month being an 18 month marker for me.. releasing co-dependancy on my partners addiction.

While I was a binge drinker most every weekend for prob 20 years, I never saw it as a problem. Was just what we did. Weird huh. So easy to judge another and not ourselves first.

Was quick to call my partner out for his daily indulgence.

After kids, his daily indulgences got too much to keep life stable. My reactions, anxieties adding a fuel to the cause that was not needed.

As his habits start to affect his health more and more, most recently after his last post cancer checkup, I spiralled.

Catching myself in the last couple of days and the what ifs driving fear. Thankful I know. Thankful I have the tools to spiral me out.

Your words have gifted me reassurance.

I thank you for sharing them. Words I needed to read.

Thank you for being you.