You make a good point here.

Thanks for being you and expanding my understanding and perspective.

They have sparked me to wonder more though and random questions that come to mind are-

What if money completed disappeared overnight… would we still exist?

Soil would still exist, seeds would still exist, water will still exist, human power would still exist. So we would still have the means to survive.

Money is after all only a representation of energy.

What if there was a universal wage that covered shelter, clean water, food, education and health for everyone on earth? We have the means to distribute the wealth more fairly so the perceived scarcity no longer exists.

Why do those in power try to keep fear and scarcity running our systems?

What if we “paid” the health system to keep us well instead of paying when we are unwell? How it is now, the medical system is incentivised for profit by keeping us “sick”.

Do we need competition and money to get out of bed to contribute our skills to the world and the growth of human consciousness?

Would we use surplus energy to care for those in need instead of walking all over them and our planet in a race to who has the “most”?

This was an interesting piece I read recently about Money that also came to mind now.

I don’t expect the answers to be found easily … as said just some of the endless questions I think of when the topic arises.

Perhaps I am completely delusional. But there is a glimmer of possibility for a better way.

Perhaps not in my lifetime but perhaps one day we will be in alignment with peace and harmony.

Thanks again for being you.

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