The A-Z of Me

Library of pieces I have published on Medium

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Abundance (Poetry, Tanka, Gaia, Permaculture)
Allergy Angst at Parties and Gatherings (Allergies, Anaphylaxis, Anxiety)
Amy Marley (Poetry)
Annunziata Maria (Poetry, Memoir, Family)
An Appeal to Join Some Dots about Allergies (Allergies, Anaphylaxis, Research)
Art Plants Seeds of Change (Poetry, Travel, Art)
Authentically Amy-ish (Poetry, Self-Awareness)


Baked Goods (Poetry, Tanka, Anaphylaxis, Allergies)
Balance (Poetry, Duality, Senryu)
BB & Tills (Poetry, Family, Gratitude)
Bees (Poetry, Nature, Anaphylaxis, Art)
Biggest Teachers in the Smallest Packages (Poetry, Children, Parenting)
Book I Can’t Forget (Poetry, Senryu, Books)
Buddha or Badass* (Ego, Spiritual Growth)
Build or Expand (Poetry, Energy, Spirituality)


Camping (Poetry, Senryu, Camping)
Cats & That (Poetry, Pets, Drawing, Humour)
Celebrating (Poetry, Alcohol Addiction, Vulnerability)
Child’s Play (Poetry, Play, Self Discovery)
Chocolate (Poetry, Tanka, Rage)
A Classic Car, a Bottle of Champagne, a Fake ID (Poetry, Cars, Life Lessons)
Colouring Outside Prompted Lines (Poetry, Reflections, Energy)
Comfort (Poetry, Tanka, Oxytocin)
Connection (Poetry, Connection)
Could a Call for Research Be Linked to a Cause? (Anaphylaxis, Vaccinations, Research)


Dawning (Poetry, Change)
Dreams (Senryu, Anaphylaxis, Self-Publishing)


Earthworm (Poetry, Gaia, Community)
Eight-Legged (Poetry, Fishing, Octopus)
Embrace Fear (Poetry, Personal Growth, Spirituality)
Emotional Disgrace (Poetry, Reflection, Energy)
Empathy (Poetry, Personal Growth, Spirituality)
Enlightenment (Lyrics, Personal Growth, Spirituality)
Escape (Poetry, Tanka)
Exhausted (Poetry, Energy, Tanka)


Face of Allergies (Poetry, Allergies, Rants & Raves)
(Poetry, Spiritual Growth, Labels)
The Fate of Glyphosate (Poetry, Rant, Bureaucracy)
Find Your Passion, Make It happen…You Can Dance Right Through Your Life (Life Lessons, Spiritual Growth, Music)
First Cup of the Day (Poetry, Senryu, Coffee)
Flower Pots (Poetry, Tanka, Bees)
Forevability (Poetry, Resources, Life Insights)
Forgiveness (Poetry, Tanka, Energy)
Freedom (Poetry, Energy, Spiritual Growth)
Friends (Poetry, Relationships)
A Frog Called Freddo (Poetry, Travel, Memoir)


Gateway to Change (Poetry, Family, Art)
Glimmers of Guilt (Poetry, Parenting, Life)
Good Luck Charm (Poetry, Smile)


Happiness (Poetry, Acrostic, Happiness)
Healing (Poetry, Tanka, Anaphylaxis)
Health (Poetry, Senryu, Energy)
Hi! This is Me (Philosophy, Introduction)
Hope For a New Day (Poetry, Awareness, Consciousness)
How Control and Fear Clouded My Understanding of Freedom of Choice (Philosophy, Parenting, Personal Growth)
Hug Someone and Give Yourself a Dose of Happy Chemicals
(Self-Help, Habits, Happiness)
Humbling Words From a 3-Year-Old (Poetry, Energy, Humbleness)


I am Enough (Poetry, Tanka, Marisa Peer)
I Asked for Energy (Self Improvement, Spirituality, Growth)
I Look Up (Joy, Sky)
If I Wasn’t a Writer, I’d be…. (Growth, Personal Development)
Imagination (Poetry, Tanka)
Ink Touches Paper (Paper Poetry, Senryu)
Into the Wind (Poetry)
Intoxication (Paper Poetry, Addiction, Relationships)
It’s Alive (Poetry, Baking, Senryu)


Joy of Joys (Poetry, Laughter, Energy)
Judgement (Poetry, Spirituality, Love)
Jump (Poetry, Travel, Memoir)


Kaleidoscope of Me (Poetry, Energy, Spiritual Growth)
Key (Poetry, Spiritual Growth, Self-awareness)
Kimberley Calls (Poetry, Travel, Seasons)
Kira Dawn (Poetry, Tribute, Gratitude)
Know No (Poetry, Energy, Spiritual Growth)


Lantern (Poetry, Senryu)
Left (Poetry, Art, Parenting)
Lemon Juice (Kid Logic, Humour, Conversations)
Lens Connection (Poetry, Photos, Joy)
Lessons on Repeat (Poetry, Energy, Kensho, Satori)
Lest We Forget (Poetry, ANZAC)
Letters & Words (Poetry, Perspective, Language)
A Library of Life’s Burning Moments (Personal Development, Challenge)
Life-ing (Poetry, Parenting, Dreams)
Limitations (Poetry, Energy)
Listen (Poetry, Meditation)
Looking at Love (Poetry, Love, Relationships)
Lotus Flower (Poetry, Tanka, Spiritual Growth)
Love Bomb (Poetry, Meditation, Energy)


Maggie Magpie (Poetry, Spring, Gaia)
A Man I Knew (Poetry, Travel, Inspiration)
Meeting your Allergens (Self Publishing, Picture Books, Anaphylaxis)
My First Encounter With Quantum Jumping (Personal Growth, Meditation)


Natural High (Poetry, Energy, Purpose)
Nature — Up Close (Poetry, Horses, Children)
Nature’s Numbers (Poetry, Gaia, Nature)
Nature’s Song (Poetry, Gaia, Spirals)
No One Knows (Music, Dreams, Spirituality)
No Reading For a Week (Poetry, Challenge, Reading)


Of Mice and Men (Poetry, Memory, Senryu)
Office Job (Poetry)
Old Shit (Humour, Poetry, Wonders of the World)
Once Lost, Now Found (Poetry, Spirituality)


Packaging (Poetry, Gaia, Tanka)
Pain with Purpose (Paper Poetry, Growth, Life Lessons)
Passionfruit Pav (Poetry, Dessert, Charity)
Pieces Prompted by Play (Poetry, Catalogue, Challenge)
Polarities and Pink Clouds (Poetry, Energy, Moon)
Potato Cake (Acrostic, Poetry, Parenting)
Powerless to Edit (Poetry, Self-awareness, Emotions)
The Power of a Name (Poetry, Names)


Random Things About Me (Poetry, Memoir, Life)
Red Door (Poetry, Senryu)
Resilience (Poetry, Consciousness)
Resurrection (Poetry, Gratitude)
Retrospective on a Week Without Words (Poetry, Challenges, Spirituality)


The Screw (Poetry, Anaphylaxis, Parenting)
Sea & Sand (Poetry, Painting, Life)
Seeking Energy (Poetry, Energy, Consciousness)
A Serving of Bush Roasted Chuck (Humour, Challenge)
Shaking Hands with my Anxiety (Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety)
Shadows (Poetry, Energy, Spirituality)
Simple Synchronicities (Poetry, Energy, Anxiety)
Slice (Poetry, Travel, Senryu)
Song Lyrics (Poetry, Music, Senryu)
The Sound of Silence (Poetry, Meditation)
A Spark (Poetry, Energy, Smile)
Spotto the Positive in Life (Gratitude, Personal Growth, Awareness)
A Stamp in Time (Poetry, Family, Trucks)
Starry Night (Poetry, City Lights, Senryu)
Step Out of the Ordinary (Self-awareness, Courage)
Sunday Night Chills (Poetry, Family, Anaphylaxis)
Sunset (Poetry, Energy, Abecedarian)
Superpowers Unleased (Poetry, Abecedarian
Swollen (Poetry, Memoir, Ouchie!)


Taste for Tequila — Gone (Poetry, Addiction, Lifestyle)
Tell me more (Poetry, Memoir, Family)
Ten Facts About Me (Poetry, Growth, Spirituality)
There is No Secret Ingredient (Personal Growth, Philosophy)
Thorny Scar (Poetry, Memoir, Parenting)
Threads of Time (Senryu, Sketch)
‘Tis the Season (Paper Poetry, Holiday Greetings, Art)
Treasure (Poetry, Tanka, Reading)
Tripping (Poetry, Psychedelics)
Truth (Movies, Life Lessons, Self-Awareness)
Twenty Years of US (Poetry, Love, Addiction)


Unwind (Poetry, Family, Senryu)


The Voice Beyond (Poetry, Intuition, Energy)


Wake Up! (Poetry, Peace, Gaia)
Water (Senryu, Photography)
Words of Advice — Naughty or Nice (Poetry, Collaboration, Promo)

We are all Human (Poetry, Rant, Equality)
What Happened When I Ate Peanut Butter (Poetry, Anaphylaxis, Allergies)
What Is (Poetry, Anxiety, Presence)
Wilted (Poetry, Tanka, Truth)
Woodland (Poetry, Trees, Senryu)

5 Things I Wish the Doctor Told Me When I Heard My Daughter’s Anaphylaxis Diagnosis (Anaphylaxis, Allergies, Marketing)
12 Lockdown Based Prompted Q&A’s (Poetry, Lockdown, COVID)
80’s (Poetry, Music, Senryu)

100 Days of EG Play!

#1 Stars
#2 Trees
#3 The Sun
#4 Clouds
#5 The Moon
#6 Mountains
#7 Koalas
#8 Cats
#9 Dogs
#10 Hearts
#11 Rainbows
#12 Tents
#13 Campfires
#14 Lions
#15 Circles
#16 Planets
#17 Rabbits
#18 Kids
#19 Dwellings
#20 Squirrels
#21 Red Pandas
#22 Cute Critters
#23 Bats
#24 Sloths

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